Thursday, December 29, 2016

How to Track or Get Your Stolen or Lost Laptop or Tablet

Today on SmartKlass I want to teach on this interesting topic How to Track Your Stolen or Lost Laptop or Tablet.

Here are the steps

On the Start menu

Click Start

Then choose Update & security and Find My Device.

Click on Change to activate the feature-your laptop will then send its current location back to base on a regular basis, assuming it's connected to Wi-Fi.

Note that you need to be signed in as an administrator to switch this feature on.

Go to on any computer and sign in using your Microsoft account.

To find out where in the world your laptop has gone-any desktops you're running Windows 10 on are listed here too, though the tracking feature only works on laptops and tablets.
And Finally Click Find my device to see your device on a map.

This is only work on Windows 10. And  Does not work or Desktops.


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